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Crystal Simeoni

Feminist activist, Director of Nawi – Afrifem Macroeconomics Collective (The Nawi Collective)

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Crystal Simeoni is a Pan-African feminist activist working on macro level economic issues. She currently serves as the Director of Nawi –Afrifem Macroeconomics Collective (The Nawi Collective). In her role as Director, Crystal curates the work of the collective towards contributing to building a feminist community in Africa of individuals and organizations working on influencing, analyzing, deconstructing and reconstructing macroeconomic policies and narratives. The collective also works on reimagining alternatives through an intersectional Pan-African feminist lens.

Before this, Crystal was head of Advocacy with a focus on Economic Justice at FEMNET, and the Policy Lead of the Tax and the International Financial Architecture at TJN-A before that. She is also currently an LSE – Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity.

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