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Ikal Angelei

Director, Friends of Lake Turkana

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Director of Friends of Lake Turkana; Ikal is a grassroots indigenous rights activist with an interest inhuman, land and territorial rights, environmental and energy justice, Resource Governance and citizen participation. She has a particular interest in economic justice, political Ecology and economy of indigenous land and territorial struggles, frontier expansion, and green territorialization. She works towards the participation of indigenous, grassroots groups and especially woman and youth in demanding access, control and decision making within their territories. Ikal believes that anti-patriarchal struggle cuts across every struggle for justice.

Ikal is the Goldman Environmental Prize winner 2012 for her environmental justice work to protect Lake Turkana, its ecosystem and the communities. She is a PhD Candidate looking at Political Ecology of Land Formalization:  Commodification and dispossession of Turkana’s pastoral commons. Ikal has a master’s in Public Policy from the Department of Political-Science in State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University of Nairobi