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Lisa Tilley

Development Studies, SOAS

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Lisa is a Lecturer in Development Studies at SOAS, her work focuses on political economy and ecology, race and colonialism, extraction and expropriation, with a particular focus on Indonesia. Her research is mainly anchored in critical approaches to political ecology and political economy with particular attention to structures of race, gender, and class. Her published work draws on various theoretical approaches to ‘the colonial question’ in material analyses of environmental harm and expropriation with a special focus on frontiers of capital in Indonesia. She has analyzed key sites of colonial/capitalist expansion – the plantation, the mine, and the city – adding detail to our knowledge of social and ecological formations, technologies and logics produced through those locations. Lisa’s work has appeared in New Political Economy, Sociology, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, Antipode, Review of International Political Economy, Politics and History of the Present among other journals and edited collections. She has also co-edited five journal special issues and one book to date on themes including race in political economy and ecology. Her work has been published in journals including RIPE, NPE, Sociology and History of the Present

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